Ukrainian theatre online: “The Overcoat”

Theatre 360 Degrees have been working on combining art and modern technology to promote Ukrainian theater and make it accessible to art enthusiasts all around the world. Online performances from Theatre 360 Degrees allow the acceleration of theater development and increase awareness of Ukrainian art projects, regardless of audience location. The theater’s projects offer unique features including multi-camera and multi-angle shooting, 3-D scanning technology for real-life to virtual object transfer, outstanding sound effects and equipment, and a 360 degrees perspective.

Based on the short, influential tale written by Nikolai Gogol, “The Overcoat” shot by Theatre 360 Degrees tells the story of an impoverished government clerk who becomes the victim of circumstance and develops a furious obsession that completely changes his life. This play is guaranteed to touch the hearts of adults and children alike, and invites its viewers to contemplate their perception of the world. As a special feature of this performance, a talented team of sound producers successfully elevated the theater hall’s acoustics, for an enhanced online theater experience.

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