Ukrainians in one evening, collected UAH 10 million for the rehabilitation of the released Azov defenders

Ukrainian heroes after injuries, torture and hunger, are in the serious physical condition, and they need immediate rehabilitation.

During the evening of September 22, Ukrainians collected the necessary UAH 10 million for the rehabilitation of the fighters of the Azov regiment released from Russian captivity.

The patronage service “Angels of Azov” announced the beginning of the collection at half past six in the evening.

“Our heroes are in bad physical condition after their injuries, torture, and hunger! Now the main thing is to give them proper care and treatment. We will do it together! Our goal is to raise 10 million for our fighters,” the message said.

The patronage service noted that it is crucial to provide the released defenders with everything they need, since they “do not even have clothes and shoes.”

Within a few hours, Ukrainians donated more than UAH 10 million.

All donation details can be found here.

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