Valerie Glodan, a pr manager, and her three-month-old daughter were killed by a Russian rocket in Odessa

Photo: Yuriy Glodan Facebook page

On April 23, a Russian rocket that struck a residential building in Odessa killed publicist Valeria Glodan and her three-month-old daughter. The death of his wife, mother and daughter was confirmed by Valeria’s husband Yuriy Glodan.

Russia hit Odessa with several missiles from the Caspian Sea.

Six people were killed and eighteen were injured in an apartment building hit by one of the missiles. After the strike, the Russian Defense Ministry said that “a high-precision missile of the Russian Air Force this afternoon disabled a logistics terminal at a military airfield near Odessa, which housed a large consignment of foreign weapons from the United States and European countries.”

Valerie was twenty-eight years old. She studied journalism at Odessa Mechnikov University. She worked as a publicist and brand manager. Her daughter Kira was born in January 2022.

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