Valeriy Zaluzhny: There is a battle for Luhansk region; Russians attack simultaneously in 9 directions

The fierce struggle for the Lugansk region continues; the invaders are trying to attack simultaneously in 9 directions. This was announced on Facebook by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valeriy Zaluzhny.

According to him, the Russian invaders in the north of the Luhansk region have concentrated their main strike forces.

The offensive is being carried out from south to north in the directions of Popasnaya-Kamyshevakh and further to Lysychansk, Popasnaya-Nikolaevka, Popasnaya-Berestovoye, from north to south in the directions of Bogorodichnoye-Sloviansk, Izyum-Sloviansk, below – Popasnaya-Svetlodarsk, from east to west in the direction of Severodonetsk-Lysichansk, as well as in the directions – Metelkino, Toshkovka-Kamyshevakha

CinC AF of Ukraine 

He added that the occupiers use aviation, multiple launch rocket systems, and artillery to oust the Ukrainian troops.

CinC AF of Ukraine

Severodonetsk is a key point in the system of the defense operation of the Lugansk region. The city cannot be considered in any other way. All those who are in the ranks today are heroes

CinC AF of Ukraine 

Russian troops have concentrated their efforts on the capture of Donbas. Fierce battles continue in Severodonetsk and in one of the districts of Vrubovka. Rashists destroy the settlements of the region; there are many injured civilians.

In addition, the enemy is trying to advance in the Izyum-Sloviansk direction. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation unsuccessfully conducted assault operations in the direction of Dolgenkoye – Krasnopolye.

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