Vasyl Malyuk: In their investigation on the explosion on the Crimean bridge, the Russians are far from reality

The Russians demonstrated their unprofessionalism and conducted a pseudo-investigation into the Crimean (Kerch) Bridge incident. In an interview with Interfax-Ukraine, the acting Head of the SSU, Vasyl Malyuk, answering a question about whether the SSU has anything to do with explosions and the “self-liquidation” of collaborators in the occupied territories.

It’s just that we, Ukrainians, love “cotton” (explosions) very much. Even in my study, it stands in a vase. But is it our fault that the Russians do not know how to treat her properly? I think they will have many more opportunities to learn this.

Vasyl Malyuk

He emphasized that the Russians are showing their unprofessionalism in the so-called investigation of the incident on the Crimean Bridge.

“They came to the point that my colleague from the power unit Kyrylo Budanov and the General Directorate of the Ministry of Defense were allegedly involved in undermining the bridge. I assure you that it is not so. And we understand that the Russians are generally far from reality. And what happened in reality – we will be able to talk about it in detail after the victory,” commented the head of the Security Service of Ukraine.

“And on the Crimean bridge, apparently, some truck refueled with the wrong fuel, and they have what they have. Time will show”, added the head of the SSU.

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