Victor Yahun: Who can become Putin’s new ally?

“The real problems could be created if China came to the side of the Russian Federation,” said Viktor Yahun in an interview to Unian.

“But China is increasingly leaning not even to a neutral position, but to irritation. First of all, they look at their own benefit. If earlier they just watched who would win and which side to take, now they understand that they are losing profits. They cannot develop a direction they have been very invested in – restoring the so-called “Silk Road” through Russia.

Russia, as a transit state for China, has actually died.

Victor Yahun

But restoring other routes through Azerbaijan or Turkey is difficult. There are many regional conflicts there that could be more conducive to the economic direction.

The best replacement for Russia would be Ukraine, but Ukraine as a transit country cannot be used now. The Black Sea is at war, undermining access to European markets.

The only country that can still meet Russia halfway is North Korea. But she understands that she is alone in the region and must maintain her image in front of South Korea, the US, and Japan. Are they ready to share their arsenals? I doubt they have much to offer.”

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