Virtul Exhibition: Kateryna Repa

Pictures of Odessa exhibited in an international online art project

With the implementation of worldwide quarantine, the exhibition activities of galleries and museums has stopped. However, art is in search for new ways and find it. So, online projects are becoming very popular.

The virtual exhibition “Me irl” presents 200 works, 57 international artists. Odessa is represented by two works by Kateryna Repa “Man” and “Сramp-fish” from the “Skeleton as an ecosystem” series.

“In the era of social distances, our presentation on social networks is a greater part of our identity than ever before. The exhibition provides a critical look at what does it mean to have digital identification for us as individuals. ”

Melissa Huang, Curator

The exhibition selected works that examine the public and the individual. This exhibition is hosted entirely on Instagram!


Me IRL is a phrase used to indicate that a user believes that a linked image or video indicates their present mental or physical state. The phrase is also often used ironically by using a strange or cringeworthy image. The phrase is normally altered in weird ways for added humor such as meme_irl, or me_url.

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