Warning: pseudo-expert Domenico Quirico

Source: Center for Countering Disinformation

Russian media massively spread the words of italian journalist Domenico Quirico to promote narrative about the “inevitability of the WW3”

Due to a series of explosions in the occupied Crimea, propagandists began a campaign to intimidate the world on the consequences of further demilitarization of the peninsula

In comments for La Stampa, Domenico Quirico expressed concern about the “Ukrainian attack” on Crimea. According to him, the consequences may be catastrophic, because there is a “desire to destroy russian unity” behind this

If Zelenskyy, as he stated in one of the latest appeals to the people, decided to start the liberation of all Ukrainian territories from the Crimea, then the next six months would be hell.

Author explains it by the fact that for russia the invasion of Crimea is the equivalent of the offensive on moscow

Intimidation tactic is one of the kremlin’s most common tools for keeping the conquered territories of Ukraine.

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