“We do not see such forces”: Danilov on the possibility of a second invasion from Belarus

As of today, Belarus does not have enough forces and means to go on a counteroffensive against Ukraine.

This was stated by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexei Danilov, Radio NV writes.

“The President has been gathering the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander, which has been operating since February 24. One of the issues considered at the General Staff meeting – was the situation with Belarus, with the border. The president’s task was determined to check the four areas for the ability to reflect, if necessary, the threat if any. And there is no fear. We clearly understand what is happening on the territory of Belarus. We understand the influence of the Russian Federation on Belarus. This is our current work, which we are constantly engaged in,” he said.

Danilov noted that Lukashenka is under the significant influence of the Russian Federation.

“Russia has actually already politically occupied Belarus. And to say that it is a free country is big, let’s say, assumption. We are aware of what is happening in this territory. We know about the weapons that are concentrated there today. Therefore, there was a report of our intelligence services on this issue, a report of the commander-in-chief, as far as he sees a threat from this side. This issue is under the constant control of our president. We understand everything that is happening on the territory of Belarus today,” he added.

Danilov added that if the troops are raised on this or that alarm, they can do certain things.

“Today we don’t see that there are abilities; there are forces. Yes, there is training, certain processes. But I emphasize again: our intelligence is closely monitoring all these processes. We have information about what is happening on the territory of Belarus. We do not see such threats, because there are not enough forces and means to launch such a counteroffensive, which took place on February 24,” Danilov summed up.

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