“We will create our state”: the leader of the Erzyas called on his compatriots to oppose Moscow

Inyazor of the people Erzya Sires Bolaen, together with a group of compatriots, is now fighting in the ranks of the territorial defense of Kyiv.

The leader (insigneur) of the people, Erzya Sires Bolaen, who has been fighting in the territorial defense of Kyiv for 7 days now, addressed his people and urged them not to go to the war of aggression in Ukraine.

The video was recorded in Kyiv based on one of the units where Sires Bolaen and Erzya volunteers are fighting.

“I appeal to you from the war zone where the Russian Federation is at war with Ukraine. After this war, many things will change in the lives of Erzya and other people. Did he give his life? They did not keep silent about the slain colonel. But soon, there will be more such announcements. Why do I think so? Here, near our positions, rain and snow pour on dozens of corpses of the occupiers. Nobody needs them. but no one mentions them. And there are thousands of such positions in Ukraine. Not hundreds, but thousands,” said the insider.

Sires Bolaen turned to Erzyas, living in Russia. He stressed that Ukrainians did not call on the occupiers with weapons in their hands.

“Everyone who comes here with weapons is considered an occupier. Everyone who comes with weapons is waiting for what Colonel Isaikin received,” the people’s leader Erzya warned.

According to him, few Erzya people are fighting for Ukraine, but they are there. Bolaen said that Moscow was carrying out rocket attacks on residential neighborhoods and bombing civilian infrastructure, and Russia has relied on destroying the maximum number of civilians to demoralize Ukrainians.

“In the coming weeks, you will see not only the economic collapse (Russia). In the coming weeks, you will see the collapse of Moscow’s power, statehood,” – said the insider.

Sires Bolaen called on the Erzya people to prepare for the collapse of the Russian Federation and the proclamation of new countries, in particular the Erzya Country.

Erzya, don’t be fooled, don’t be afraid. Take to the streets, call your friends. Make the authorities stop the war, otherwise, it will come to every Erzya house. It’s dark now. But the darkest time is before sunrise. There comes a time when “Our Erzya sun will rise. We will create our Erzya state. And we will live as people, as Finns, Estonians, and other peoples lives. Long live the country of Erzya,” he concluded.

Erzya is a Finno-Ugric people living in Mordovia and Chuvashia. The Erzya consider themselves a separate people, although the Russians imposed the common name Mordovia on the Erzya and Moksha peoples, claiming they were one people.

Sires Bolaen (Oleksandr Bolkin) is the chairman of the Erzhań Society in Ukraine (Erźań val) and the co-founder of the Free Idel-Ural public movement.

Earlier, Sires Bolaen accused Russia of ethnocide and called on the international community to increase pressure on Moscow through its policy on national minorities.

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