Where to: Have a Breakfast in Odessa

Whether you’d like to start your day in a restaurant or a biker café – it’s all here

Make the most of a romantic night out in Odessa by following it with a great, late breakfast. Odessa breakfasts have evolved beyond a croissant and a café au lait. Here are fine great spots at which to fuel up for a day of exploring.

Whoopie Coffee & Pancakes

The interior reminds America of the 60s. Design in gray-green tones, with wooden furniture, tiles and bouquets of fresh flowers. Specializes in breakfasts – here they are served all day. The menu has three types of porridge: with bacon and poached egg, with mashed potatoes and nuts, as well as with bananas. In addition to porridge, guests will find scrambled eggs with chicken, veal and turkey, Alaska breakfast of poached eggs, toast, salmon, avocado and lettuce, scramble with spinach, granola with yogurt and honey or berry sauce.


BreadWay Cafe Bakery is a little over a year old. The interior is spacious, light and smells of fresh pastries. The interior is reminiscent of an American cafe in the 1950s and 1960s, and the restaurant’s feature is a platform with sofas shaped like savoyardi cookies for tiramisu.

The menu includes BreadWay Breakfast made of salmon, eggs, avocados, yogurt, olives and salad mix, or cooked of Mortadella sausage from Bologna. Also, guests will find Benedict eggs with bacon or salmon, Viennese chicken schnitzel with a mix of salad and tomatoes, a three-egg scramble with spinach and Parmesan cheese, chicken liver pate with marmalade and baguette, French toast with homemade caramel, nuts, berries and an ice cream ball.

Fre City Cafe

The 4City White Room is called Fre City Cafe and specializes in breakfasts.

Here you can have a delicious breakfast starting from 8:00 a.m., try rice noodles, sandwiches, sweet potato, desserts, coffee, cocktails and much more – everything is impossibly aesthetic. The bright room is decorated by the Design Studio by Denis Belenko, and the stunning portraits by Ksenia Kanevskaya. It is worth adding that, according to tradition, 70% of the profits of Fre City Cafe are spent on social projects.

12 Coffee & Croissants

12 Coffee & Croissants is a modern urban format of a coffee shop, which presents the widest selection of croissants: classic French, kraffins, dunishes, cakes, pastries, cookies and much more. The assortment changes almost every day.

The cozy interior is stylized as a Parisian bakery – warm coffee shades, soft sofas and armchairs, walls with original drawings depicting the faces of women, as well as juicy greenery.


Cannoli confectionery named for traditional Sicilian dessert. It is located in the very center of Odessa – Tchaikovsky Lane, near the Opera House. The whole atmosphere of this place sets you in a wonderful mood, and the most delicate desserts and aromatic coffee will give you a truly aesthetic pleasure! In the summer, the guests have the opportunity to enjoy a meal at the Palais Royal garden – a quiet and cozy square near the fountain.

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