“With Odessa in my heart”

On the occasion of the Odessa’s birthday, the Worldwide Club of Odessites inaugurated the exhibition “You are in my heart” of Lesya Verba. The artist and singer showed her works on the essence of the songs dedicated to Odessa. She also sang at the opening.

In the lower hall of the East Kazakhstan region there are portraits of great Odessa citizens, people who came into contact with their work with Odessa, city governors, and in the upper hall there are collages on themes of Odessa songs.

Lesya Verba

Collage “Oh, my beloved Odessa” (the original version of the song was called “Why, why” sounded in the film “The Tale of First Love”, in 1957). At the request of Utesov, the authors rewrote the text for the city. The song “Why, Why” was also performed in Polish by Jerzy Polomski.

The “Komsomol poet” Vladimir Kotov is also the author of the popular songs “We are not stokers, not carpenters…”, “Either I will meet, or I will not meet…”

Composer Andrei Eshpai is a genius and insanely fruitful, both in the academic and theatrical genres, and his filmography includes several dozen works that are especially beloved to this day: “It’s Snowing”, “Two Shores” and many others.

From the walls of the club, the poets Anna Akhmatova and David Burliuk (with a real glass eye), Grigory Marazli, José Deribas, the legendary doctor Khavkin and other great Odessa citizens look at the world.

Some portraits have already been shown at the Museum of Western and Eastern Art, like the portrait of Sigmund Freud, whose grandmother was from Odessa.

The exhibition can be visited until September 28 at the Worldwide Club of Odessites in Marazlievskaya St. 7, Odessa.

Source: Dumskaya.net

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