World Bank allocated $4.5 bln to Ukraine

The World Bank Group on Monday, August 8, announced an additional $4.5 billion in grant funding to Ukraine from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The United States, in coordination with the U.S. Treasury Department, under the PEACE project, created to help the government meet urgent needs caused by the ongoing war, is providing an additional $4.5 billion in direct budgetary support to the government of Ukraine to help mitigate the severe budget deficit caused by Putin’s brutal military aggression (USAID press release).

According to him, the government of Ukraine will receive funding in tranches, starting with a payment of $3 billion in August.

The World Bank indicates that the additional funding will help maintain the government’s ability to perform core functions at the national and regional levels.

In particular, the funds will help the government of Ukraine cover social benefits, medical services and pensions that are necessary for the well-being of the country’s citizens and mitigating the social and economic consequences of the war.

Ukraine needs the continuation of public services, including health care, education and social protection, to prevent further deterioration of living conditions and poverty.

David Malpass, World Bank Group President

He thanked the United States for its continued support through the World Bank’s rapid support mechanisms and for a generous grant that will greatly support the Ukrainian people.

The bank clarified that the additional funding is in addition to the $1.49 billion Investment Project Financing (IPF) approved in June 2022. To date, the World Bank has mobilized almost $13 billion in emergency funding, including commitments and pledges from donors, to support the continuation of essential public services in Ukraine and mitigate the effects of the war. As of the end of July 2022, more than $6.3 billion has been disbursed from this funding.

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