Yigal Levin: The Armed Forces of Ukraine have an important advantage over the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Russia has not fulfilled a single goal, the Israeli military stressed.

The front is unlikely to stop in winter, as the Ukrainian military command can use one crucial advantage over the enemy.

As a military expert, an officer of the Israel Defense Forces Yigal Levin, told FREEDOM that the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south are most likely busy cleaning up the liberated right bank and firing Russian forces on the left bank of the Dnieper.

Russia has not fulfilled a single goal; on the contrary, the Kremlin has constantly changed its tasks for Ukraine without drawing any conclusions.

“Therefore, Moscow is now trying to freeze hostilities to the maximum, declaring in every possible way about alleged “negotiations,” Levin noted.

“Let’s say they are talking about negotiations. What will you demand? Get out of Kherson? This is nonsense. It isn’t easy to talk about some goals, about common denominators. They need to delay and freeze as much as possible. By the way, the mobilized are not the fighting force that will help you go on the offensive and capture new regions. Simply, in terms of its mass character, this allows them to delay and delay as much as possible,” the military said.

Levin added that he had changed his assessment of how the war would play out over the winter. In his opinion, the front will not stop.

“It seems to me that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will try to realize their advantage in uniforms. It is a sin not to realize this advantage. A military genius is not to miss these opportunities. Ukraine will have such an opportunity … This does not mean that there will be any big breakthroughs, but the front will not stop completely. Surely the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing some surprises this winter,” Levin said.

  • The readiness to help the Ukrainian army not to slow down the offensive in winter was expressed by the participants of the seventh Ramstein, including the head of the Pentagon. Lloyd Austin believes winter is on the side of the Ukrainian army, as it will be better equipped than the Russian one and will continue to undermine the Russian supply chain.
  • The arrival of high-quality armor for the Armed Forces of Ukraine was also confirmed by Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov: “During the active phase of the war, we became de facto independent in one of the important elements of providing our soldiers. We try to apply such a strategy wherever it is justified. First of all, in the process of providing weapons and military equipment.”
  • According to analysts at the Institute for the Study of War, in winter, the conditions for fighting “will be much more favorable for Kyiv than for Moscow,” so the Western allies should take advantage of this.

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