Yuriy Ignat: Russia has already launched more than 4 thousand various missiles in Ukraine

This number does not include S-300 missiles, MLRS, as aircraft missiles of various types.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Russian occupiers have fired over 4,000 various missiles in Ukraine.

Yuriy Ignat, the speaker of the command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, announced this on the air of the information telethon.

“More than 4,000 have already been fired. We are talking about missiles of all types. It is clear that S-300, MLRS, air missiles that are launched at us, like Kh-59, Kh-58, are not considered here. We are talking about thousands, of course, that we spent a lot of ammunition on them,” he said.

He also noted significant assistance from civilized countries that continue to provide Ukraine with the means to defeat Russian missiles and Iranian kamikaze drones.

  • On November 23, Russia launched another massive attack on Ukraine. The missiles hit critical infrastructure in several areas. A blackout took place in the energy system of Ukraine. In total, about 70 cruise missiles were fired, 51 of them were destroyed. Power outages have occurred in many regions. Power outages were also reported in neighboring Moldova.
  • At the Rivne, South Ukrainian, and Khmelnytsky nuclear power plants, because of the shelling, emergency protection worked, due to which all the power units of these nuclear power plants were turned off.
  • As a result of hits in energy facilities, many regions of Ukraine were left without heat and water supply.

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