68 meters and 16 tons each

Reni port received the first batch of huge blades for wind farms

In the Reni port the first batch of wind turbine structures was reloaded for installation on the territory of Ukraine. The second consignment of cargo is expected to arrive soon.

The first part of the cargo, consisting of 15 elements, arrived at the port by the ship “JUMBO III” under the flag of Bulgaria. The entry into the port and anchorage of the vessel took place without delay under the control of the services of the Reni branch of the State Enterprise “USPU” and the service of the captain of the seaport of Reni


The unloading of 20 structural elements (blades) was carried out by two Condor portal cranes with a lifting capacity of 40 tons each. One blade is 68 m long and weighs 16 tons.

It should be noted that the transshipment of this type of cargo has not been carried out in the seaport of Reni for many years.

As the USPA stressed, the transshipment of wind power plant structures demonstrated the capabilities of the Reni seaport in terms of transshipment of large-sized and heavy equipment, which, in turn, will contribute to attracting new cargo flows.