A bilingual children’s book from a Ukrainian publishing house was published in Finland

The Finnish publishing house Kustantamo S&S published a bilingual children’s book “101 Mayak / 101 majakkaa” in Ukrainian and Finnish. This was announced on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian Association in Finland.

We publish this book not only to bring joy to children, but also to support publishing houses from Kharkiv and children’s writers from Ukraine.

Kustantamo S&S

The picture book “101 lighthouses” was published in Ukraine in 2019 by the Kharkiv publishing house Ranok. Its authors are Oksana Luschevska and Dzmitry Bandarenka. Oksana Drachkovska created the illustrations.

The translator Santul Cosmo worked on the Finnish version. In addition to the bilingual version, a Finnish-language version will also be released in Finland.

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