A ship with stolen Ukrainian grain arrived in Turkey – Ukrainian Ambassador appealed to the authorities

The ship Zhibek Zholy arrived in Turkey from temporarily occupied Berdyansk. Most likely, there is stolen Ukrainian grain on board, which the Russian Federation is trying to sell.

The relevant information was shared by Ukraine’s Ambassador to Turkey, Vasily Bodnar, on his Facebook page.

“The ship Zhibek Zholy from occupied Berdyansk entered the port of Karasu. Based on a letter from the Office of the Prosecutor General, we appealed to the Turkish side to take urgent measures. There is good communication and close cooperation with the Turkish authorities. I am convinced that the decisions will prevent attempts to violate Ukraine’s sovereignty,” he wrote. Bodnar.

What exactly is on board Zhibek Zholy is not specified, but it is most likely stolen grain. At the end of June, the invaders cleared the waters of the port of Berdyansk for the export of Ukrainian products.

And on June 8, Bodnar talked about the sale of stolen grain to Turkey. Russia transports it to Crimea, then to its ports, and from there transports it with fake documents for sale.

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