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About books in the near future: "Cyberatura" by Ozi

19 Oct, 2021
About books in the near future: "Cyberatura" by Ozi

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On October 21 at 18:00 in the exhibition hall of the Odessa Museum of Modern Art will be the opening of the project "Cyberatura" by Ukrainian artist Ozi (Irina Ozarinskaya), who lives in Italy and works in Europe. In different years, within the framework of individual and group projects, Ozi's works were exhibited in MSIO and other locations in Ukraine.

The artist consistently reveals the theme of Artist-book, using a wide range of tools: painting, graphics, video art, sculpture - Ozi creates a single space, each fragment of which reflects the whole, and tells about the transformation that the book has undergone since its inception. Incarnations in parchment to the modern representation in digital form.

The artist, continuing to explore one of her favourite topics, will take each viewer to the portal of the spatial boundaries of objects, and with the help of her experience and skill, will embody its expansion. Expanding this space, she carefully keeps attention to the book as an art object. In the installation, we will see the continuation of the traditions of world art livres d'artistes, which creates a desire for the constant embodiment of artistic communication.

"Acqua Alta Library"
by Irina Ozarinskaya
"Books in Bonn"
by Irina Ozarinskaya

We will see how the reader's interaction with the body of the book has changed, how her body began to emit light, and the pages of such a book burn through the automatic sliding of a finger on the screen of the gadget.

Under the influence of the all-consuming format of communication on social networks, human consciousness and its ability to perceive are becoming increasingly fragmented. Google has already stated that by 2040, human consciousness and memory may be transferred to external media. We are participants in a process in which the reader and the book undergo dramatic evolutionary mutations.

Irina Ozarinskaya is an artist, actionist, works at the intersection of different genres of contemporary art. One of the directions of her work is the Artist book, a book in which the author works both on the text, on illustrations, and all other elements. Personal exhibitions of Ozarinskaya were held in Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkov, Moscow, Bologna, Venice.

What exactly awaits the books and texts in the foreseeable future? Are we ready to transmit our creative impulses directly to each other's brains? Do not read, watch?

"Books in the historic center in the German town of Donauwerth"
by Irina Ozarinskaya

The apocalypse is cancelled. Transformation is not necessarily destruction alone. Art explores reality through both analysis and synthesis. Otherwise, we would only have to close the book of life forever.

Ozi's installation "Cyberatura" is a large-scale Artist-book project-collaboration with the International Prose Competition "BezMezh" (Ukraine-Spain).

The author of the project is Ozi (Iryna Ozarinska). The curator of the project is Tatiana-Margarita Sui.

Work in progress by Ozi

The exhibition will run until November 21, 2021. Admission to the opening is free, in the following days of the show UAH 60.

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