Agil Rustamzade: The story of Bakhmut has already gone down in history

Military analyst Agil Rustamzade commented on the current situation on the frontline.

“For two weeks now, I have wanted to understand the preparation of Russian troops for the winter. Information is blocked at all levels. This prevents me from creating a complete picture. Once there was news about a large number of frostbitten by Russian troops in the Lugansk region. I will try to describe the situation without this fact.

The story of Bakhmut has already gone down in history as an example of how people are killed just like that, in waves. This is the Bakhmut area. Various offensive operations continue to the north and south. In three months, they (the Russian troops) managed to overcome the distance of 3-5 km. Having paid for it with the lives of at least several thousand people.

The Russian army is preparing for defense in all directions, creating lines of defense, and strengthening them.

As for the Ukrainian army, they increased pressure on Russian troops in the Lugansk region, this is the area of ​​​​the Svatovo settlement. And there are certain results.

As for the general situation at the front, the parties are accumulating resources. If Russia is accumulating resources to create a defense, to increase its defensive capabilities, and is also looking for methods and ways to replenish its resources. According to American intelligence, I have said more than once that there is a problem with artillery shells for the Russian army. And this problem is becoming more and more visible. Because the Russian industry is not able to fill the huge need that they are obliged to spend.

The Ukrainian army is accumulating resources. The Ukrainian military is waiting for the moment when the ground freezes. The Ukrainian army can carry out large-scale operations using heavy equipment when this happens. In addition, the success, the achievements that the Ukrainian military has made, is the destruction of enemy logistics. And this continues in the southern and eastern operational directions.

I do not have all the information, and I will not make predictions where the Ukrainian army will strike. But we feel the preparation for this attack. Resources are being accumulated, and enemy logistics are being destroyed in order to soften and defragment the defense of the Russian troops.

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