Aleksey Arestovich: The Russian army imitates “activity” in an attempt to hide its defeat

The army of the Russian Federation is now engaged only in imitating “activity.” So the military is trying to hide from the president of the aggressor country, Putin, that they are suffering a complete defeat.

Aleksey Arestovich, the adviser to the head of the President’s Office, spoke about this in an interview with Yulia Latynina.

“The Russian command is solving one very important task: how to do it so that everyone still does not understand that they are losing. Because all their efforts on the front line are what the army calls “an imitation of activity”. It is impossible to name the attempts that are being pursued according to the same pattern for the fifth week in a row,” he said.

According to Arestovich, when people want to achieve something, they change something, try to choose a different tactic, or simply revise the plan of action. But Russian generals don’t do that. For example, in the Izyum direction, the military of the Russian Federation is doing the same thing, which is why the Armed Forces of Ukraine regularly rebuff them.

“From Seversk to Bakhmut, they are desperately trying to “cut”, go in from the side, go at least to some outskirts. And still, they are not achieving anything, Arestovich noted. Russians still cannot capture Bakhmut, they are killed in Peski and Avdiivka. The situation is similar in Zaporizhzhia and Kherson’s directions.”

There is no “terrible offensive” promised by the Russians. According to Arestovich, the Russians continue to go on “crazy” attacks and suffer losses, but they cannot achieve anything by this. The Russian Federation is already sending an unformed army corps to Ukraine, which has a strategic, not a tactical role.

According to Arestovich, Russian generals are now thinking about what to do. “To directly tell Putin that nothing will come of it and that they have “lost” everything in general, that they have big problems with holding the previously occupied territories, they cannot. Also, the generals cannot say they need to be on the defensive, because Putin will demand to advance. And they can’t attack. That is why the Russian army is doing what all the Russian military is best taught – they portray “violent activity.”

“Russians, referring to “temporary difficulties”, are playing for time and waiting for some changes,” said Arestovich. “The generals are afraid to talk directly about the loss to Putin. But they are afraid to follow his orders. Therefore, the Russian army does not advance, does not retreat, but simply depicts some kind of attempt to fight.”

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