Aleksandr Kovalenko: missile strikes can now be simultaneously directed at two types of objects

“As for the tactics of rocket attacks on Ukraine, I am afraid to assume, but instead this is no longer an assumption, given what we could see on January 14,” wrote military expert Aleksandr Kovalenko in his Telegram.

Kovalenko believes that missile strikes can now be simultaneously directed at two objects – critical infrastructure and civilian facilities.

“Yes, before the Russians also caused damage to civilian objects during missile strikes, as a result of which civilians died. But in the case of the Dnipro, it was a targeted missile strike, the warhead of which is almost a ton!

Photo by AFP

Yes, there were such strikes with the X-22 missile before. In Kremenchuk, Sergeevka, Zatoka, and so on… But in this case, this is a residential area, not a supermarket that could be mistaken for a warehouse or a tourist complex with an ill-fated bridge. To make excuses, they say they didn’t get there – it doesn’t work.”

The expert noted that it is enough for the Russian military to open the map and see that this is a residential area, and if they deviate from the target, they will still end up in a residential high-rise building. Alexander is sure that this sector, built up with residential buildings, was deliberately chosen by Russian terrorists. So that when a rocket is sent there, it still destroys and kills.

Photo by Valentyn Reznichenko/ Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration

“It is obvious that the X-22, which is unsuitable for high-precision strikes, will be used during the massive shelling of residential areas. In turn, the more accurate X-101 and Kalibr can continue to be used on critical infrastructure facilities,” wrote Kovalenko.

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