An assistant of a Russian collaborator was found dead in Kherson

Pavel Slobodchikov, an assistant to Russian collaborator Vladimir Saldo, was shot dead in Kherson. He was killed in his own car.

The journalist, the ex-representative of Donetsk in TCG concerning Donbass Denis Kazansky reported about it

“Vladimir Saldo supported the Russian occupation of Kherson and now, together with a handful of other traitors, is trying to create an occupation administration in the city. Today one of these handfuls was unlucky. Whether Slobodchikov did not please his Russian masters. Either it was destroyed by the Ukrainian underground. Not yet known. But one thing is clear – the fate of a collaborator is always unenviable.” Kazansky wrote.

As we know, the National Security and Defense Council decided to ban the activities of a number of pro-Russian parties, including the Vladimir Saldo Bloc, for the duration of martial law.

Pavel Slobodchikov was born on May 22, 1988. In 2020, he ran for the Kherson City Council from the Vladimir Saldo Bloc. He is the director of two and the owner of three companies and a public organization.

Vladimir Saldo, after the occupation of the city by the invaders, was seen at a rally in support of the Russian invasion, organized by collaborator Kirill Stremousov, as well as at a “meeting” at which cooperation with the Russian Federation was discussed, including the “Committee of Salvation for Peace and Order”, which Russia is trying to legitimize power in the city and region. As a result, Stremousov was informed of suspicion for creating a pseudo-government body in absentia.

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