Andriy Yermak: Further support of Ukraine is in the interests of the United States and all those who value freedom

Head of the Presidential Office Andriy Yermak emphasizes that after more than a year of full-scale Russian invasion, Ukraine has withstood and will not surrender to the enemy. Our country is extremely grateful for the support of the United States of America and all those who came to the aid of Ukrainians in their struggle for freedom.

He said this in an address to the American non-governmental organization World Affairs Council San Antonio (Texas, USA).

“The enemy have demanded a surrender at discretion, and our flag still flies proudly on the walls.” The words written 187 years ago here in Texas are a clear reflection of what we are committed to in Ukraine. Heroes that inspire: Sam Houston, William Travis, Davy Crockett, and Juan Seguin, led Texans along the path that Ukrainians are following today. We will never give up and we will not back down,” said Andriy Yermak.

The Head of the President’s Office emphasized that Ukrainians fighting against the terrorist regime of the Russian Federation are free and democratic, and want to have the same liberties as Americans and other people in the world.

Andriy Yermak emphasized that Ukraine is grateful to all those who quickly came to our aid in the name of freedom, patriotism and everything that embodies the American spirit.

“The vital support we receive from you – both military and humanitarian – means the difference between life and death, freedom and slavery,” he said.

The Head of the President’s Office noted the important role of the members of the World Affairs Council of San Antonio in conveying a principled message to the U.S. senators and congressmen that further support for Ukraine is in the interests of America and all people in the world who care about freedom and democracy.

Andriy Yermak especially praised Senator John Cornyn and Congressman Michael McCaul for their leadership in Congress on these issues.

The Head of the Presidential Office expressed gratitude to the leading representatives of the World Affairs Council of San Antonio.

“We are grateful to Charles Butt for his commitment to our freedom and friendship with Ukraine. Elizabeth Lorenz, thank you for your leadership and vision of America in alliance with Ukraine. Thank you to everyone who cares about the fate of our country,” he added.

Andriy Yermak emphasized that the leadership of the United States has brought together the free world around helping Ukraine.

“With your continued military support and your prayers, we will once again defeat evil and help make the world a better place. Today, we have every chance to repeat the success of Sam Houston’s army and liberate our land from the invaders. I am looking forward to welcoming you to a free and safe Ukraine,” the Head of the Presidential Office summarized

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