Ankara no longer seeks “peace at any cost”

Turkey has radically changed its position regarding the proper end of Russia’s war against Ukraine. Ankara is no longer seeking peace at any cost. Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey Vasily Bodnar stated this in an interview with Ukrinform.

He noted that Turkey is making a lot of efforts to conclude peace between Ukraine and Russia. However, Ankara’s position has changed significantly since March last year.

“It all started with approaches about humanitarian truces,” peace is above all “, but now in Turkey’s position, one can clearly see the position on the need to comply with the principle of the territorial integrity of Ukraine,” the diplomat said.

According to Bodnar, recent statements by the Turkish authorities indicate their understanding that Ukraine must liberate all of its territories.

“In this context, the proposal was made that Russia should be the first to begin a ceasefire, which could become the basis for further withdrawal of troops from the territory of Ukraine. This attempts to find ways to dialogue but not impose a position. This is one of the proposals of the mediating country” the ambassador said.

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