Arestovich: Russia wants to keep Putin’s regime

The authorities of the Russian Federation voluntarily turn the state into North Korea without the prospect of restoring normal relations.

In Russia, they want to keep the Putin regime. The Russians are ready to turn their country into North Korea.

Arestovich said this in a conversation with Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin. According to the adviser, the Russians can no longer consider the prospects.

“They moved into the zone of instant decisions. They can ruin the prospect, several billion dollars, simply because they want to cut off Europe, which is already full of gas storage. I do not rule out an attempt by Moscow to strike at the Ukrainian gas transportation system. They decided to cut themselves off from Europe in general, they say, you will all freeze. The authorities of the Russian Federation are voluntarily turning the state into the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea without the prospect of restoring normal relations,” Arestovich said.

“They have no strategy left at all. Dead end – in English it sounds like a dead end. Everything they do only aggravates the situation. Mobilization is the clearest example. The threat of the use of nuclear weapons is the clearest example,” he said.

“I physically feel how the remnants of reason, reasonable people are fighting in the Kremlin with such “well, what? What are the options? Well, something needs to be done, otherwise, it’s like … “This, of course, is a circus on a dart. This is a Russo-Japanese war in a cube. World history probably does not know such a grandiose self-draining. Just a huge state merges with, as we thought, smart people, but turned out to be dumber than dumb ones,” Arestovich added.

“Well, what are the strategies there? Everything is spreading there, the country is like wet paper in their hands. They are killing it themselves,” said the adviser to the OP.

Aleksey Arestovych believes that most of the repressive measures introduced by the Kremlin during the “partial” mobilization and “accession” of territories are directed against the citizens of the Russian Federation themselves, and Putin’s goal is to transform Russia into an absolutely totalitarian state.

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