Arestovich spoke about the losses of the invaders near Bakhmut

The Russian military daily loses at least one company of soldiers and officers in battles in the Bakhmut area of ​​the Donetsk region

This was announced by an adviser to the Office of the President, Aleksey Arestovich on the air of Feygin Live.

“There, the terrain looks worse than in the First World War. There is no longer a living place there; everything is pitted with artillery. We kill them, according to the most modest, according to the most restrained estimates, somewhere around a company a day, in reality, of course, more. And new waves go there over the bodies of their fallen comrades. And they go for one simple reason – there is a double system of detachments in the Bakhmut area,” Arestovich said.

According to him, “Kadyrovites” are advancing on Bakhmut from the north, and mercenaries of the Wagner PMC are advancing from the east.

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