Ben Hodges: Putin’s generals no longer trust him

According to him, the problems of the Russian army are so deep and systemic that they cannot be corrected even after months of work.

The loss of trust between the Russian General Staff and Russian President Vladimir Putin could cause an explosion.

Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, the former commander of the US Army on the European continent, said this on the Espresso TV channel.

According to him, Putin has appointed a new commander because he is very loyal to him.

“Surovikin is the new commander of the Russian occupation forces and has a reputation for being brutal and corrupt. Or will anyone be surprised that the Kremlin will choose a corrupt criminal and murderer for the position of the new commander? This was predictable. Especially since he is also very loyal, which is now the most important quality for an appointment, because Putin is worried that his generals do not support him in the way they supported him in the past,” Hodges explained.

According to the expert, it does not matter yet who will become the new commander in the Russian Federation. The problems of the Russian army are so deep and systemic that the new leader will not be able to fix it in a few weeks or months.

“Corruption, lack of coordination between the air force, ground forces and navy, a failed logistics system. All this is such a horror that no matter who becomes the commander, he will not be able to overcome it. What is the difference of the new commander? I think he will continue one type or another brutal tactics and the sooner they are defeated, the better,” summed up Hodges.

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