Continuity processes behind “Repeat” project by Oleg Dimov

On November 13 at 17:00 in Invogue # ART the opening of Oleg Dimov’s exhibition “REPEAT”

Cycles of photographs and digital collages (2012-2021) by Oleg Dimov define themselves through the philosophy of speculative realism.

Dimov’s works equally overcome both the traditional anthropomorphization of a thing and chosisme as a simple sum of objects, “the art of inventory,” the documentation of a fact. The author is interested in identifying the relationship between objects and the consciousness of the observer. Ontologization of these relations, determination of the viewer’s disposition. The search for “possibility-thing-to-be-other” by Graham Harman.

Dimov is characterized by the categorization of the language and the disclosure of the instrumental capabilities of these categories: ellipse, as overcoming the false ideal of a circle, the most probable spatial section; caesura, as a situation of rhythmic irregularity, vivisection of matter, sounding of a pause; a fold, like an escape from a rectilinear tension, always artificial and violent, a biomorphic figure, a wave, a landscape with a moving relief, organ peristalsis;
shadow, as an angle between light and plane, devoid of semantic load, only contrasting the relationship between objects.

As part of the personal project of Oleg Dimov, presented in the gallery, we explore a series of his works, whether there is a connection between them, continuity of forms, motives, content.

A correct understanding of the processes of succession is of particular importance for analyzing the laws of art, social development, the progress of science, for combating both an uncritical attitude towards the achievements of the past and a nihilistic denial of cultural heritage.

Continuity is a connection between phenomena in the development process, when the new, replacing the old, retains some of its elements. This sequence can be clearly seen in the works of the author. These elements unite the entire period of the artist’s search.

The aforementioned continuity, in this case, is concentrated, closure in self-heredity, in self-determination …

Within the framework of the exhibition, video art is presented.
Project curator Natalie Simonova.

Oleg Dimov is a Ukrainian artist and photographer. He Was born in 1986 in Balta, Ukraine. Graduated from the Odessa Art School. M. B. Grekova. Works in the areas of conceptual and minimalistic photography. Laureate of the special prize “MUKHI / Young Ukrainian Artists 2017”. Works are in the collections of the Odessa Art Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in Odessa, in private collections in Ukraine, Germany, France. Lives and works in Odessa, Ukraine.

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