DeepState has released an app with a map of the course of military operations

Deep State has created a mobile application with a map of the course of military operations in Ukraine, the team reported.

DeepStateMap.Live is an interactive online map of military operations in Ukraine that allows you to follow the course of hostilities in the Russian-Ukrainian war, the location of Russian units and their movements.

As with the web version of Deep State Map, the application will have regular, topographic, and satellite map layers available. The latter may run slower because it contains a vector component, the team promises to fix this in future updates.

Thanks to data caching, the map can be viewed in the absence of the Internet, if it was previously downloaded in a place with access to the network.

“There will be no external advertising in the application,” says Deep State.

The app is currently only available for Android and can be downloaded from Google Play. The developers warn there are many fake versions of the program on the platform.

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