Defence Intelligence: in the Kherson region, the occupiers plan to take solar power plants to the territory of the Russian Federation

In the occupied areas of the Kherson region, the Russians announced an “audit of solar power generation facilities.” If the owners of the property do not show up within the specified time to prove their ownership, the property will be “nationalized” (stolen) and transferred to the fake company “khersonoblenergo” created by the occupiers. After that, it is planned to take the property to the territory of the Russian Federation.

The illegal “evacuation” of Ukrainian citizens of the Kherson region from the right bank of the Dnieper continues. To encourage people to move, they are offered so-called “housing certificates” to purchase housing in the Russian Federation.

As part of the “evacuation”, local residents are forcibly evicted from apartments and houses. Soldiers of the Soviet Union dressed in civilian clothes move into the vacated housing. Cars are taken from the locals for use by the occupying forces.

Children were taken from boarding schools in Kherson to the territory of Crimea. Today, the children are housed in one of the psychiatric hospitals of Simferopol. Prisoners of the Kherson colony were also transported to the territory of Crimea.

Local residents are warned that all moorings (even small rural ones) must be empty. If any watercraft are found, they will either be destroyed or confiscated.

Over the past few weeks, collaborators and representatives of the occupation administration have been resettled in boarding houses located on Arab Spit. Owners of recreation centers are forced to resettle “displaced persons”. In addition, the Russian military is searching for vacant premises for resettlement.

Currently, the Russian military is actively using the road through Arabatskaya Strelka between Crimea and the Kherson region. Only on February 24, the specified road was used, as it was dug up and had ditched. After the start of the armed aggression, the engineering units of the Soviet Union restored the dirt road and transport links, which made it possible to reduce the route from the occupied Crimea to the Kherson region and later to the Donetsk region by approximately 120 km.

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