Defence Intelligence: Mobilized Russians are replenishing the occupation units on the territory of Ukraine

Vadym Skibitsky, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine’s representative, commented on mobilized Russians’ participation in combat operations on the territory of Ukraine in the “Chronicles of the War”.

“One of the main goals of mobilization is the replenishment of units and tactical groups currently participating in hostilities in Ukraine. Next is the creation of reserve units in all military districts of the Russian Federation. Such parts, for example, are created even in the Northern Fleet. And, of course, I would say about establishing a new regime of the regional troops division. Because this is one of Russia’s approaches to increasing the number of troops near our border. Of course, these troops’ possible involvement in Ukraine’s territory. For example, in the Kherson region. We are aware of the plan to transfer these troops under the responsibility of the Southern Military District,” said a representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.