Defence Intelligence: Regarding invasion from Belarus

In recent days, information has been spreading in the Ukrainian information space about the enemy’s alleged plans to attack Ukraine by a strike group of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus from the northern borders of Ukraine at the end of November.

This information is reinforced by anonymous “drops” about a massive missile-aircraft attack that will precede such an invasion.

The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reports that such information does not correspond to reality. The purpose of such a special information operation is to provoke Ukraine to transfer a significant part of its troops to the border with Belarus to weaken the offensive potential of the Armed Forces in the east and south of Ukraine, and at the same time to show Belarusians the alleged intentions of our state to attack the territory of Belarus, thereby provoking Belarusians to enter the war.

In addition, such messages are intended to sow panic among Ukrainian society and are part of hostile information and special psychological operations. This is also indicated by the fact that, at first, similar messages indicated the date of a possible “invasion” of November 25-28, and after a few hours, the date of the “invasion” shifted to November 28-29.

According to intelligence, there is currently no strike group on the territory of Belarus that can perform similar tasks.

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