Defence Intelligence: Rosatom representatives at the ZNPP are stealing money for the salaries of Ukrainian personnel

Representatives of the Rosatom corporation are “laundering” the money allocated for the management of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. For this purpose, they issue fictitious financial documents (corporate cards) in the name of ZANP personnel with Ukrainian citizenship. Real financial statements need to be drawn up and submitted. That is, the money that was intended to pay for the work of the station staff is appropriated by the occupation administration and employees of “Rosatom”.

It is known that from December 1 to the daily reports on the results of work and the situation at the ZNPP, the following operational change will include information on the shelling of the station’s territory and existing damage.

A significant part of the occupiers, who had been at the ZNPP since the capture, left the station’s territory. Currently, about 500 occupiers remain there, 200 of whom are the so-called “Kadyrovites” from the “Ahmat” battalion. Their main task is to intimidate the staff and encourage them to cooperate with the occupiers.

About 300 mines were found in the industrial zone of the station, which was left behind by the occupying units when they left the station. The so-called “police” of Energodar were informed about this. The FSB officers who arrived at the scene of the events spread the information that these were apparently “hideouts of subversive units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”