Defence Intelligence: Russia plans to remove 12,000 tons of ammunition from Belarus by the end of August

The Department of Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that Russia began to export ammunition from Belarus to the 1061st Logistics Center of the Southern Military District. “In total, by the end of August, it is planned to take out 12,000 tons of ammunition,” the report says.

In accordance with the agreements between Russia and the RBS of the territory of Belarus, the export of ammunition to the 1061st CMTZ of the Southern Voivodeship began. In total, 12,000 tons of ammunition are scheduled to be exported by the end of August.

Two positive and one negative conclusion can be drawn from this.

The positive thing is that Russia has a logistical problem with the timely delivery of weapons in the required quantity to the combat zone so acute that it uses the resource of the Russian Federation to ensure the Russian occupation troops.

In addition, this is not the only fact of the removal of equipment and ammunition from the warehouses of the Belarusian army. And will such an action take place in a country preparing to invade a neighboring country?

That is, this is another reason to doubt the invasion of Ukraine by the Belarusian army, which has already turned into a resource base for fueling Russia in the current conditions.

The negative point, of course, is that there will not be an acute and irreversible deficit in the accumulation of ammunition. But with, their delivery to advanced units is an entirely different matter.

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