Defence Intelligence: Ukrainian component found in Iranian Mohajer-6 drone

Now the power steering specialists will figure out how the components got into the drone.

The anti-aircraft gunners of the Armed Forces of Ukraine landed the Iranian Mohajer-6 drone in the Black Sea, and the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense specialists examined all its stuffing. The components of this drone are of foreign origin, including Ukrainian.

It is reported by the Military Television of Ukraine.

Military intelligence officers found details marked in the state language of Iran – Farsi, certifying the Iranian origin of the drone. However, it turned out to be interesting how the country, which has been under sanctions for decades, was able to establish the production of such aircraft.

“We compared this drone with other drones of this company and found out that the drone contains 3/4 components from the United States, there are also components from Japan, China, Sweden, Austria, and even one element of Ukrainian production. Now the Defence intelligence specialists will figure out how they got there,” a representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligenc commented on the drone study.

Evidence of the involvement of other countries in the supply of weapons and their components to Iran and, accordingly, the aggressor country Russia will be transferred to international organizations to impose economic sanctions on them.

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