Denmark and Ukraine defined an energy partnership

Ukraine and Denmark have signed a cooperation agreement that opens up opportunities for companies working with green energy, among other things, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy.

The agreement between the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Denmark will mark a new stage in deepening intergovernmental cooperation, which will focus on strengthening the environment for sustainable energy solutions and technologies based on Danish experience and technical assistance, as well as opportunities for companies working with ‘green’ energy.

Ukrainian Ministry of Energy, press service

The press service of the Ministry of Energy noted that Ukraine is making significant efforts to implement projects aimed at reducing traditional energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency and introducing energy-saving technologies. The draft National Energy Efficiency Action Plan developed by the Ministry of Energy provides for a decrease in final energy consumption by more than 17% by 2030.

In its turn, the Danish Energy Agency will contribute in the form of consultations, technical assistance and mutual training of specialists from the Ukrainian energy sector.

Denmark is one of the European leaders in the implementation of the transition to ‘green’ energy. Ukraine, in turn, shares the goals of the European Green Deal. Therefore, I see significant potential for deepening cooperation between our States in the development of renewable sources of energy and enhancing energy security.

The energy partnership with Denmark will help improve conditions for the introduction of the latest environmentally friendly energy technologies and attracting investments in sustainable energy.

Herman Haluschenko, Minister of Energy of Ukraine

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