Bellingcat Investigator: Do not expect anything good from the conflicts of the Kremlin elites

One should not expect an exceptionally good result from the conflict of the “Kremlin towers”, since the place of Vladimir Putin can be taken by a person even more obsessed with war, Christo Grozev, an investigative journalist and head of Bellingcat, told Radio NV.

Speaking about the conflict between the Kremlin elites, the journalist noted that the processes are already underway, and so far Putin himself has been successfully maneuvering between different camps.

“These processes are underway, we see them, Girkin is one of their incarnations. But keep in mind that they are on both sides, Putin now has the opportunity to maneuver and balance exactly the blows from those who want to end this nightmare for themselves, for their relatives, for their money. But others make money on this; in general, they are not interested in the war’s end. He “maneuvers quite well between these two groups,” he sits in the middle and so far.”

But the head of Bellingcat believes that the outcome of the “Kremlin towers” ​​rivalry can be as unpredictable as possible for Ukraine and the West.

“But I don’t think they will stop, they have financial interests either in ending the war or in increasing it, so I think that one of these towers will take over, the only question is when. Any of them wants Putin to be gone, but the question is which of them will win, because for you and for us it may not even be the best option if they appoint an even more war-obsessed person,” summed up Grozev.

Earlier, the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, said that only two scenarios for a change of power in the Kremlin are possible in Russia.

“There are only two options for how it all ends. First, it is Putin’s successor that stops major activities not only in Ukraine, but in many parts of the world. And he says: “Remove, please, immediately all the sanctions imposed on Russia, we are building new relations. Russia has nothing to do with it, it was only the person who previously led the state, and these are his personal problems, he is a maniac. That is, “deputinization” will occur. Well, they blame him for everything,” said the head of Ukrainian intelligence in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

According to Budanov, the second possible scenario for a change of power is the collapse of Russia.

“Another option is simply the collapse of Russia into several parts, into three or more,” he added.

At the same time, Budanov said that the process of searching for a “successor” to Putin is now ongoing. He did not name their names, saying that “there is no need to interfere with this process.”

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