Energoatom’s partner Westinghouse is donating aid to Ukrainian nuclear power plants

The American company, a long-term and reliable partner of National Nuclear Energy Generating Company of Ukraine Energoatom, takes care of meeting the needs of Ukrainian nuclear power plants. Westinghouse donated humanitarian aid to the plant, including security and communications, radiation protection and control.

This equipment is extremely important, as it will strengthen Energoatom’s emergency preparedness and response systems, as well as protect Ukrainian nuclear power plants from the Russian threat.

Since the beginning of the Russian war against Ukraine, Westinghouse’s position has been unequivocal: strong condemnation of Russia’s actions and assistance to Energoatom’s nuclear power plants to counter Russian aggression. Therefore, both sides are looking forward to Ukraine’s victory in the war, after which they will continue to develop joint projects aimed at improving Ukraine’s energy security.

Energoatom is extremely grateful to all international partners for their support and assistance in ensuring the safe operation and strengthening the security of Ukraine’s nuclear power plants in response to Russia’s acts of nuclear terrorism.

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