European Film Festival 2021: Dive into Europe!

The European Film Festival is an annual event that showcases a selection of European films, giving local audiences a taste of Europe’s diversity and creativity. The festival programme includes world premieres of the films of European directors.

The EU Delegation to Ukraine invites everyone to the online festival of European cinema European Film Festival 2021. The festival offers to watch films about life and culture of eight European countries in French, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Latvian, Finnish languages, and even the rare Galician language with Ukrainian and English subtitles.

Films screened are recent and have encountered success in their country of origin. The films showcased in this festival may belong to a specific country, but they are all representative of Europe’s common cultural heritage. This film festival is a window into the intriguing world of European cinema.

The festival programme includes world premieres of the films of European directors, whose works have been recognised by the world-famous film festivals in Cannes, Toronto, Gothenburg, the Sundance American Independent Film Festival, and many others.

Upon preliminary registration, the participation in the film festival is free of charge: eurofest.org.ua.


  • “Bad Poems” (Hungary, France)
  • “Akasa, my home” (Romania, Finland, Germany)
  • “Oleg” (Latvia, Belgium, Lithuania, France)
  • “Our struggle” (Belgium, France)
  • “Listening” (Germany, France)
  • “Aurora” (Finland)
  • “Her work” (Greece, France, Serbia)
  • “And the fire will come” (France, Spain, Luxembourg)

The films will be available from 7 June to 13 June.

The Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine and such European cultural institutes as Goethe-Institut, Institut Français and Cineuropa are the festival organisers.

Festival media partners: MIND, bit.uа, Platfor.ma, Studway.

Enjoy watching the films!