First domestic variety of quinoa registered in Ukraine

A group of scientists led by Vladimir Trotsenko, Head of the Department of Plant Growing at SNAU, has registered the first domestic variety of quinoa.

A plant unusual for Ukraine, a variety Quartet, adapted to our climatic conditions, has been registered. Vice-Rector for Research of the Sumy National Agrarian University Yuriy Danko announced this on his Facebook page.

“This culture has another name – Inca gold. They believed that quinoa helps warriors become more resilient,” writes Yuri Danko. “Today, quinoa is most commonly consumed by people with gluten intolerance, vegetarians, athletes, and those trying to lose weight. Also, nutritionists advise people with diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular system, or obesity to consume quinoa porridge.

The vice-rector hopes that shortly this crop of SNAU selection will take a leading place in the crop rotation on the fields of local farmers, and quinoa porridge will take the lead in the diets of our defenders.

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