Freedom on Screen: Ukrainian Film Festival 2021 in London

From 22 November until 6 December, the Ukrainian Institute London and Cambridge Ukrainian Studies welcome audiences to the 2021 Ukrainian Film Festival, Freedom on Screen.

Showcasing a dynamic and diverse selection of documentary and feature films, the festival marks 30 years of Ukraine’s independent statehood by celebrating a spirit of creative freedom in contemporary Ukrainian cinema. 

The festival programme features a combination of online and in-person screenings: the digital cinema offers you a curated collection of contemporary Ukrainian films to watch at your leisure anywhere in the UK, while the select in-person screenings and Q&As will take place in cinemas and galleries in London and Cambridge.

The festival is generously supported by the Embassy of Ukraine to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The generous financial support of Cambridge Ukrainian Studies allows you to watch all films for free online.

Cambridge Ukrainian Studies is an academic centre at the University of Cambridge. It aims to promote and contribute to the study of Ukraine in the United Kingdom and beyond. It is committed to deepening public understanding of Ukraine and to advancing fresh, innovative approaches to research on the largest country within Europe. In 2008, Cambridge Ukrainian Studies launched the Annual Cambridge Festival of Ukrainian Film, which is now in its 14th year.

The Ukrainian Institute London is a centre for Ukraine-related educational and cultural activities. We explore challenging issues that affect not just Ukraine but all societies today. The Ukrainian Institute London is a charity registered in England and Wales and is an affiliate of the Ukrainian Catholic University. We rely on your donations to maintain exciting and informative programming and make it accessible around the world. To support their work, donate here!


Director: Antonio Lukich    Genre: Comedy

Having experienced many setbacks in both his professional and personal life, 25-year-old Vadym gets a chance to start it all over. Just one task – to record the song of a rare bird that resides in the Carpathian mountains…


Director: Andrii Lysets’kyi    Genre: Documentary

A captivating and resplendent documentary portrait of an extraordinary folk artist whose joyous engagement and representation of the world elicit the attention of the cultural elite.


Director: Nataliya Vorozhbyt    Genre: Drama

Four short stories are set along the roads of Donbas during the war. In this world, where tomorrow may never come, not everyone is defenseless and miserable – and even the most innocent victims may have their turn at taking charge.


Director: Alina Horlova    Genre: Documentary

Fleeing the Syrian civil war, Andriy and his Kurdish family start a new life in a small town in eastern Ukraine, only to be caught up in another military conflict. This visually arresting documentary takes a powerful look at humanity’s endless cycle of war and peace.