French real estate operator Nhood interested in concession of Ukrainian railway stations

The announced concession of the railway stations in Ukraine by the Ukrainian government is of interest for the international multi-operator Nhood, according to Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the international real estate multi-operator Nhood Ukraine Ganna Koryagina.

Nhood Ukraine (before February 2021 it was Ceetrus Ukraine) is an international developer of shopping centers and retail parks in Ukraine. It manages five existing shopping galleries and a retail park. Three big projects are under development: Rive Gauche and Retail Park 2 (both in Kyiv), as well as OVI (Odessa) with a total GLA of more than 200,000 square meters.

Our priority is the train station consulting industry, as Nhood manages two train station projects internationally: the Gare du Nord in France and the Vigo project in Spain… Considering that working on two large projects internationally has already formed a professional team Nhood in various countries, we believe that this experience can be in demand in Ukraine as well.

Ganna Koryagina, Chief Operating Officer of Nhood Ukraine

Talking about these projects on railway stations, the manager said that on the eve of the Olympic Games 2024 and as part of the expansion of Greater Paris, Gare du Nord expects a real transformation into a new project StatioNord. Moreover, Koryagina said that Chief Executive Officer of the company in Ukraine Marco Balducci is also a member of the supervisory board of a new mixed-type company with a single management (SEMOP), which is implementing the project in Paris.

Regarding to the second project at Vigo in Northwest Spain, Nhood won the 2017 Transformation Competition for a TGV Station. Currently, work is underway with local partners and structures to transform the current station into a new, intermodal one. Koryagina said that in the future, this project should complement the shopping center; it is also planned to place a hotel and public space.

Nhood is a global real estate player, bringing together the expertise and know-how in real estate of 1,029 experts from 10 European countries to continually rebuild and transform a portfolio of nearly 300 commercial properties in Europe under management.

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