Gennady Gudkov spoke about the terms of the liberation of Kherson

After the liberation of Kherson in Russia, the likelihood of a palace coup will increase, the oppositionist noted.

The liberation of Kherson will be a key turning point in Russia’s war against Ukraine. The city may be liberated in the next two to three weeks.

This forecast was made by the Russian opposition politician Gennady Gudkov on the Feygin Live YouTube channel.

“The liberation of Kherson is a radical, key turn. Yes, this is not a complete defeat, yes, of course, Putin’s propaganda will win back, but this will be the final signal for the Russian elites that Putin is losing, that they have to “save themselves”. And the whole world will understand that Putin kaput,” he said.

Gudkov predicts that after the liberation of Kherson “in the bunker,” there will be no doubts about the imminent victory over the Putin regime in Russia.

“The collapse of Putin’s army near Kherson will be the last straw for Putin’s elite. They hate him anyway,” the politician said. “The probability of a palace coup will increase sharply.”

Earlier, Russian oppositionist Gennady Gudkov said a split in the elites along the line of generals had begun in Russia. In addition, the Russians are massively changing their minds about the war against Ukraine.

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