In Russia they began to sell private jets

After the imposition of sanctions for the war against Ukraine, private jets are massively sold in the Russian Federation writes Ukrainian Pravda.

At the moment, brokers have received information about 11 aircraft that are already up for sale.

Before the military aggression of the Russian Federation and the imposition of sanctions, all of them regularly ran between the European Union and Russia.

According to online radar data, these aircraft make domestic flights in Russia and fly to the UAE, Turkey, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Kuwait.

Russian charter operator Sirius Aero owns most of the planes, owned by businessman Nikolai Ulanov.

According to aviation experts, there are about 600 private jets in Russia.

Most EU countries have closed the sky for Russia, the EU has imposed tough sanctions against the Russian Federation for the war against Ukraine. Russian airlines will be forced to return the aircraft that are on lease.

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