In the Chernihiv region, the SSU exposed a traitor who worked for the Belarusian special services

The Security Service has gathered indisputable evidence of the guilt of another enemy agent, who was gathering intelligence about the Defense Forces in the border areas in the north of Ukraine.

He turned out to be a resident of the Chernihiv region who organized a channel for illegally transporting Ukrainian citizens of military age abroad.

SSU employees detained the perpetrator as a result of a special operation at the end of 2022.

New facts of the detainee’s criminal activities were revealed during the pre-trial investigation.

First of all, it was established that he carried out reconnaissance and subversive activities in the region to benefit Belarus’s special services.

It was for them that the attacker collected information about the deployment and movement of units of the Defense Forces in the region.

He paid special attention to the places of residence of the command staff of the Ukrainian troops.

He tried to convey the information he received to the Russian Federation through one of the evaders, whom he was going to smuggle across the border outside the checkpoints.

SSU employees of the Chernihiv region conducted the investigation under the procedural guidance of the regional prosecutor’s office.

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