In Ukraine, the Open Data Watchdog service for monitoring open data was launched

The service allows you to track Unified State Open Data Portal changes.

Clarity Project has launched the Open Data Watchdog service, which allows you to monitor actions with data sets on the Unified State Open Data Portal. This aims to increase the level of transparency and reduce the number of abuses by administrators and data controllers.

In a few clicks, you can learn more about datasets, including how to create, remove, modify or edit them.

“Open Data Watchdog will be useful not only for narrow specialists who work with open data, because local activists, mass media, and the public will also be able to monitor and control changes in open data sets and their consequences for the state and communities,” Clarity Project reported.

The service was developed with the project “Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services/TAPAS”. It was tested throughout March, when more than 160 extracted datasets were identified.

“The removal of sets from the open data portal for unknown reasons can have a negative impact on the openness and accountability of government at all levels: from central authorities to local authorities.” — noted TAPAS — “Having information about changes in sets, public activists, mass media and data users will be able, for example, with the help of requests and appeals to data managers, to influence the openness of authorities and protect the right to access to public information.”

You can familiarize yourself with the Open Data Watchdog service by following the link.

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