Kalush Orchestra grand victory at Eurovision 2022

This year, the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra won the most significant Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Even in the first semi-final of the competition, our country’s representatives blew up the stage and made the whole hall applaud standing.

This year Ukraine had the most powerful support. Residents of other countries and migrants who were forced to leave their homes due to the war unleashed by the Russian Federation voted for Ukraine.

So, for Ukraine, this victory was especially important, so that during the period of the struggle against Russian aggression, as many countries as possible could hear about us. The Kalush Orchestra group not only adequately represented our country at the competition, but also spoke about what is happening now.

It is worth noting that the mother of soloist Oleg Psyuk also did not go unnoticed, whose eyes were shown on the screen during their performance in the final. Moreover, initially, this song was dedicated to her, and after a full-scale invasion, Psyuk noted that now this hit is also dedicated to other mothers who protect their children from the horrors of war.

This is a Ukrainian rap group founded in 2019. The group includes Oleg Psyuk – founder and soloist, Igor Didenchuk – multi-instrumentalist and MC Kilimmen. The group was named after Kalush, the hometown of Oleg Psyuk.

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