Latvia Delivered Mi-17 and Mi-2 Helicopters to Ukraine

The Ukrainian Air Force has received four helicopters donated by Latvia, which will soon be fully included in the aviation fleet of the Ukrainian Army, the Ministry of Defense informed.

Two Mi-17 helicopters and two Mi-2 helicopters have arrived in Ukraine partially disassembled. The helicopters were painted, and one Mi-17 was fundamentally repaired in Latvia.

The Stinger systems donated by Latvia half a year ago helped the Ukrainian army to deter the Russian invasion. Now, when Ukrainian soldiers are counterattacking in many places, our donated helicopters will help conduct military operations and save lives. The assistance for Ukraine by Western countries should not stop until it liberates all its territory from the Russian occupying forces.

Artis Pabriks, Defense Minister of Latvia

The Air Force of Ukraine will start using them to perform tasks after completing their assembly.

Latvia is one of the countries that provided Ukraine with the most significant assistance in terms of its GDP. Latvia supplied Ukraine with weaponry and personal equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles, dry rations, ammunition, anti-tank weapons, and Stinger missiles worth over 200 million euros.

Latvia also participates in the Ukrainian Defense Contact Group, designed to back Ukraine in the war against Russia.

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