“Let’s sell Medvedchuk”: the Kremlin agent Medvedchuk for sale as NFT

Lviv’s M81 studio has created an NFT image of pro-Russian People’s Deputy Medvedchuk in the style of Andy Warhol. The picture shows him in handcuffs when the SBU detained him.

We couldn’t resist and decided to do NFT with the main meme of today. Medvedchuk was put up for auction in the Andy Warhol style. The money from the sale will go to the volunteer needs of our country

M81 studio

NFT images have been put up for auction on the OpenSea platform. The starting price is 0.1 ETH, which is about $ 300.

On February 12th, on Cosmonautics Day, one of the most infamous traitors of Ukraine, Viktor Medvedchuk, was caught. He contributed to our current “Russian peace” while also being a Ukrainian politician in the pocket of Russia for many years.

We are used to Medvedchuk being corrupt, but finally, he is being sold to benefit Ukraine, and not for his own enrichment.

M81 studio

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